We hosted project partners from the Danubeparks network

The international LIFE WILDisland project brings together 15 partners from eight countries from Bulgaria to Germany. One of the very worthwhile and valuable traditions of the project is the annual meeting in the home country of one of the partners. This year we at BROZ had the honor to prepare an unforgettable experience for all of us in cooperation with our colleagues from Fertö Hanság National Park.

Conservationists, water managers and fishermen released 20,000 small sturgeon into the Danube

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, a total of 20,000 small sturgeon juveniles were released into the Danube as part of the LIFE Living Rivers project. Sturgeons were released in three localities of their natural habitat – below the Čunovo dam, near the village of Sap and on Veľkololéský ostrov. Direct release of sturgeon fry into our rivers is one of the tools to strengthen the populations of this endangered fish species.