We saved the wetland

Thanks to 1076 supporters, we managed to collect the targeted amount. We are very happy that in approximately 10 months we managed to collect up to 100,000 euros and even a little more for the purpose of nature protection – saving the wetland in highly productive agricultural land.

Conservationists, water managers and fishermen released 20,000 small sturgeon into the Danube

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, a total of 20,000 small sturgeon juveniles were released into the Danube as part of the LIFE Living Rivers project. Sturgeons were released in three localities of their natural habitat – below the Čunovo dam, near the village of Sap and on Veľkololéský ostrov. Direct release of sturgeon fry into our rivers is one of the tools to strengthen the populations of this endangered fish species.