Root Vole Monitoring

The Teriologists* from the Faculty of Science, Comenius University in Bratislava have been engaged in root vole studies for more than ten years. The root vole has been researched in the field as well as the samples in the laboratory using molecular methods.

Restoration of pastures on Zádielská plain

The species richness of our country is linked to non-forest habitats – they include thermophilic and xerophilous meadows and pastures, which we can admire in Slovenský Kras. These habitats depend on traditional management – extensive grazing and mowing. Unfortunately, most cities have not been farming traditionally for over 30 years. As a result, pastures are overgrown with aerial trees and expansive grasses.

The grazers return to the glasslands! – a herd of rescued horses

We are thrilled at the nice outcome of a cooperation between nature conservationists and animal protectors. On the pohotographs you can see the result of two good things coming together. This month we started a cooperation with a local stakeholder, a lady who rescues abandoned and neglected horses. She was looking for a medow where they could graze and have…