syseľ pasienkový, letisko Bratislava

We are feeding ground squirrels, we are preparing catches

In recent days, our volunteers have been going to the Bratislava airport to feed the ground squirrels. Every roughly 20-30 meters they throw a little sunflower to get them used to going to these places. We are planning to catch ground squirrels there and transport them to other locations in order to strengthen several populations in southern and western Slovakia.

Prehrádzka D1

Transversal lines of weirs in the Danube river branch system

The area of the Danube floodplains between Dobrohošť and Sap is a part of the Danube Inland Delta. It is a unique and rare anabranching river pattern with a system of branches. In the past these branches and side arms meandered freely and the material of the Danube gravels and sands that the flow brought into the landscape was able to capture large amounts of groundwater.

Working with volunteers to clean up sites

One of the goals of the LIFE PANALP project is the involvement of volunteers in nature conservation. In this way, event participants will not only help nature, but also learn a lot about active care of target habitats and species. Information thus reaches the public through the experiences of individuals. We have therefore organized several brigades in autumn 2021.