VIDEO: 2 in 1 – restoration of wetlands and bird nesting walls

During the restoration of small-scale wetlands in the Protected Bird Area ​​Ostrovne Lúky, we got an idea – what if we used the excavated material to build nesting walls for birds right at the foot of the wetlands? We have recorded a nesting site of the European beekeeper in sand embankments in the area and we hope that they will like our new nesting walls so much that they will decide to nest in them this season after returning from their wintering grounds. The small wetlands are being created on restored pastures where the birds can find enough food. The water under the nesting wall will provide refreshment during hot summer days while protecting their offspring from predators.

Willow pollarding workshop 2020

Today we pollarded willows in protected bird area Ostrovne Luky. The day saw a lot of action, sawing, falling wood.. Even nature conservation and sustainable management of the countryside can sometimes look this way. For old willows pollarding is essential to prolog their life-span.

Planting trees with volunteers

In december we planted trees with volunteers from DELL, Mary Kay and Geocaching community. We planted black poplars – native species of the Danube floodplain forests. In 3 days we planted 1000 saplings which will grow to be majestic old poplars. Photoreport below:

May feast or EU Green Week 2019

During the European Green Week many partner events with environmental topic occur from 13th of April till 9th of June in the whole Europe. Inspired by this week we participated on the May feast in cooperation with the company Veolia and the municipality Bratislava – Karlova Ves.