A study visit focused on grazing management in protected areas in Austria

On 19.-20.9. 2013, within the project Natura 2000 BA, we participated along with representatives of the SNC, Daphne, Bratislava Magistrate and the Regional Office for the Environment, in an interesting study visit in Austria, aimed at successful examples of pasture management in protected areas. We visited the sites Lobau, Bisamberg, Glaslauterriegel-Heferlberg-Fluxberg and Hundsheim.

Restoration measures on the River Morava – a field trip and exchange of experience with the project LIFE + Lower Morava Floodplains

The visit focused on bilateral exchange of experience in restoration measures on the River Morava. The currently running LIFE + project Lower Morava floodplains, is based on previous projects of revitalization of side arms, meanders and shore fortifications. Within the exchange of experience, we visited three sites in the area between Angern and Markthof.  

The Declaration of a Protected Area Pečniansky forest

In the briefing room of the Water Research Institute at the Danube embankment, overlooking the woods of the new protected forest area Pečniansky forest,  representatives of the Municipality of the City of Bratislava, the City District Petržalka, State Nature Conservancy, Austrian Danube-Auen National Park, BVS, and Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development (BROZ),…