Objav Dunaj

Danube Art Master

We invite children from all schools, non-governmental organizations, clubs, centers and associations from the Danube basin to participate in the Danube Master of Art competition, which since 2004 has brought together thousands of children from the countries through which the Danube River flows. The competition aims to encourage children to think about what the environment means to them and to recognize the value and importance of rivers.

LIFE syseľ

We created a sock collection with Dedoles company

On recent wanderings through the floodplain forest, the restoration of which was supported by the Dedoles company, we addressed other possibilities of our cooperation.
How about creating a joint collection of socks? And draw attention to disappearing biodiversity?
And so the Endangered Species collection was created, thanks to which species more or less conspicuously disappearing from our country got on the socks and information about them on the Dedoles website.

Ground squirrel locality in Tisovec is brimming with life

There is always something going on at the ground squirrel locality in the Tisovský Kras. We just recently finished cleaning before the pasture will start and we are still raking the cleared piles of bushes. We strengthened the squirrel colony with individuals from Murán. The ones you see there with some kind of pattern on their back are the new settlers. We shortened their hair with scissors, the lower part of which is black. In this way, they will have patterns by which we can recognize them and follow their fate. And the most important thing – whether they mate with local residents.