obdobie párenia žiab, obnova mokradí BROZ

Invitation to a frog concert

Did you know that rivers and wetlands are considered one of the richest ecosystems in terms of diversity of life? During the last century, however, almost 90% of them have been lost due to human intervention, which is also related to the decline of frogs. In the past, therefore, “frog concerts” during the spring were a common part of the stay in nature, now it is increasingly rare to find places where we can enjoy them.

mokraď na Veľkolélskom ostrove

To Velký Lél Island only in rubber boots

Currently, the wetlands on Velký Lél Island are full of water.
A few years ago, we did such a thing – we changed the slope of the bottom in the drainage channel. It was a canal designed to drain water from Velký Lél Island. It was built in the past so that the water from the island flowed away after the floods sooner and people could use the meadows for grazing cattle as soon as possible.