Terénny prieskum

From expert study to technical projection

The revitalisation of the old Danube side arms can be called in one word “process”. Just as their degradation has been gradual, due to modifications for navigation, their revitalisation in places where it makes sense for valuable floodplain forest habitats, birds, fish and amphibians, for groundwater recharge and flood protection for us humans, will be gradual.

Rámové priepusty

Excursion for students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

At the beginning of May, as part of a project with the financial support of the Tipsport Foundation, we organized an educational excursion in the form of a boat trip for students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University. The students had the opportunity to float the restored sections of the river branches, learn more about the problem of simulated floods and get to know the fauna and flora of the Danube floodplain forests more closely.

Exkurzia člnom

Excursion for key players in nature protection

On May 21, as part of a project with the financial support of the Tipsport Foundation, together with mayors of municipalities, employees of the Ministry of the Environment, district offices and the Water Research Institute, we got into the boats in Medveľov and from there sailed to the Klúčovec branch system. These are locations where BROZ restored the water regime in the past.

We are finalists of the Natura 2000 Award

We went to Brussels as finalists and we are going home as finalists. Although we did not win the Natura 2000 award, it was an honor for us to participate in this prestigious European competition and to be among the 6 nominated projects in our category. He won an Irish project where conservationists helped to change the setting of subsidies for farmers, so that they could manage Natura 2000 areas closer to nature and not be deprived.

Microtus II visit in Šumava

In May, together with the stakeholders of the Microtus II project, we went to get inspired to the Šumava National Park. The study tour was attended by representatives of the Ministry of the Environment (MŽP), Slovak Water Management Enterprise(SVP), Water Management Construction Enterprise (VV), Water Management Research Institute (VÚVH) and the Dunajská Streda district office.…