Working with volunteers to clean up sites

One of the goals of the LIFE PANALP project is the involvement of volunteers in nature conservation. In this way, event participants will not only help nature, but also learn a lot about active care of target habitats and species. Information thus reaches the public through the experiences of individuals. We have therefore organized several brigades in autumn 2021.

jasoň červenooký

At the location in Strážovské vrchy, we helped a mountain Apollo butterfly (Parnasius apollo)

At the site of the maountain Apollo, one of our rarest butterflies, we cleared approximately 1 hectare of debris from invasive trees. Since this light-loving species of butterfly requires sufficient space with nutritious and nectar-producing plants. We believe that this intervention will greatly help the maintenance of this species in the territory and, among other things, will also support other species of rare plants and insects.