The return of the swifts

A documentary film about birds and bats in our cities and our housing estates. About their populations, which have been shrinking for a long time, due to renovations and insulation of buildings.
About how we found a solution to this problem and how we devised a system of replacement nesting boxes for these species as part of a project to protect earthworms and bats, which we managed to install in thousands on our estates. We still actively install huts for swifts and bats on insulated buildings.

Braňo Molnár’s documentary film was created thanks to support from the LIFE10 NAT/SK/079 project Protection of the dark swifts and bats in buildings in Slovakia.

Forbidden kingdom

The military district of Záhorie remains our little kingdom. Its treasures are well hidden in deep pine forests, in mazes of sand dunes and swamps. However, whoever is enchanted by its quiet beauty once must return here for the rest of his life. This film is dedicated to the beauty of life in the forbidden kingdom and also to the people who strive to save it.
Watch Braňo Molnár’s documentary film, which, in addition to the beautiful nature in the Military District of Záhorie, also documents our activities aimed at the restoration and management of rare communities of sand dunes.

Bratislava, a city in the middle of nature

The film “Bratislava – a City in the Middle of Nature” highlights fragments of nature in Bratislava and its surroundings. It depicts how we continuously encroach upon nature, while simultaneously yearning for it. It’s not just people who miss living nature, but also the plants and animals that inhabit this area. Some animals and plants have adapted to urban changes and survived, while others have nearly disappeared for good.

In addition to showcasing Bratislava’s nature, the film documents our conservation efforts in the city and its surroundings, such as the restoration of the Devínske and Karloveské rameno (branches) of the river, grazing in Devínska Kobyla, dedicated to the rejuvenation of rare orchids, and other activities.

This documentary film by author Braňo Molnár was created as part of the Ochrana a obnova území NATURA 2000 v Cezhraničnom regióne Bratislavy.

The film was prepared in cooperation with Naturally s.r.o., BROZ, RTVS, with the support of BSK (Bratislava Self-Governing Region).