We are thrilled to announce that we have received a generous grant from The Sigrid Rausing Trust. This grant will be significant in supporting the stabilization of our organization and driving forward our efforts in nature restoration and conservation.

With the support of the The Sigrid Rausing Trust, we will be able to strengthen our organizational capacity, ensuring long-term sustainability and effectiveness in our work. This grant will enable us to invest in essential resources, infrastructure, and training, empowering us to make an even greater impact. 

Furthermore, this grant will allow us to expand our reach and deepen our engagement with local stakeholders and communities. We firmly believe that involving and empowering these key actors is crucial for the success and sustainability of our initiatives.

We are immensely grateful to The Sigrid Rausing Trust for their belief in our mission and their commitment to supporting organizations like BROZ. This grant will not only help us stabilize and grow as an organization but also enable us to carry out vital nature restoration and conservation activities that will have a positive and lasting impact on our climate and planet.

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