sobotnou prácou za záchranu biotopov

Saving habitats with current and former DINPD staff

On 23 October 2021, an enthusiastic team of current and former DINPD staff members and their relatives devoted their Saturday morning to hands-on nature conservation at the Szársomlyó site of the LIFE endemic PANALP project. They cut down overgrown bushes and smaller trees on the most Southern habitat of the rare and vulnerable Vincetoxicum pannonicum.

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We launch restoration of Danube islands

Danube Islands

Together with our DANUBEPARKS partners, we are launching a new project focused on the entire flow of the Danube, which will bring restoration of the side arms and the revitalization of the islands.

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Sign the Living Country Petition

Intensive farming on large areas literally erased life from the country. This is largely due to a poorly designed agricultural policy that encourages intensive farming, which creates a huge burden on the environment. Variety disappears from the rural landscape and with it also birdsong, butterflies and pollinators. If we lose the natural diversity of the landscape, we will also lose its health and resilience.

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účastníci exkurzie o prírode blízkom hospodárení v lese

We organized a forestry excursion

At the end of last week, within the LIFE endemic PANALP project, we prepared a two-day field trip to the Duchonka forest administration, where we invited employees of the State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic from the Záhorie Protected Landscape Area, Small Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, Ponitrie Protected Landscape Area and foresters from Lesy SR .

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International award for our movie Land of meadows

Our documentary movie Land of meadows: a forgotten story was streamed on international film festival focused on food production and sustainable development Agrofilm and has won the price Award of the Slovak Agriculture and Food Chamber for the Slovak Film.  We are very grateful to the organizers and the jury of the festival for this opportunity…

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