World day of wetlands

The motto of this year’s the World Day of wetlands lays stress on the important role, which wetlands play in our lives. The future of humanity depends on wetlands. The wetlands withholds and cleans water, offers fishes, rice and crops, which feed a milion of people of the world. Wetlands works like nature sponge, reduce…

A study visit focused on grazing management in protected areas in Austria

On 19.-20.9. 2013, within the project Natura 2000 BA, we participated along with representatives of the SNC, Daphne, Bratislava Magistrate and the Regional Office for the Environment, in an interesting study visit in Austria, aimed at successful examples of pasture management in protected areas. We visited the sites Lobau, Bisamberg, Glaslauterriegel-Heferlberg-Fluxberg and Hundsheim.